Yunke’s Magic

Imagine an incredible situation, an unexplainable
vision: That's where Yunke comes into play.

Yunke is one of the great illusionists of our time. His magic is full of mystery, beauty, and risk. His illusions are as hipnotic as overwhelming. Furthermore, Yunke is a magical innovator, a creator of ilusions, and an originator of magical mechanisms. He has performed in all five continents and appeared in television programmes all over the world. His greatness on stage goes far beyond the many awards he has received throughout his career. His state-of-the-art illusions are second to none; his magic is different; his working philosophy and his approach to magic are unique.
During the summer of 2016 opens its doors in a new space in Peñíscola called Magic by Yunke Museum, a museum and cafe-theater dedicated to the world of magic that will surprise.
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  • Por arte de magia - Antena3
  • El Hormiguero - Cuatro, Antena3
  • Nada x aquí - Cuatro
  • Sabor a tí - Antena3
  • Telepasión - Tve
  • Luar - Tvg
  • Gran hermano - Tele5
  • Con un par... de bromas - Tve
  • Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde - TV1 France
  • Shalakabula - Canal 9, Telemadrid, Andalucia TV, Especial Navidad TVE
  • Sessió hipnòtica – Canal 9
  • El Show de Flo
  • Bona nit – Canal 9


  • Spanish Champion
  • FiSM award at the World Championships of Magic
  • Mandrake d'or
  • Honorable Mention from the Royal Family of Monaco
  • World Magic Award: Oracle Gold 2016



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  • Dominical de El Periódico, mayo 2011, España
  • Periódico Levante, diciembre 2010, España
  • Qianjiang Evening News, noviembre 2010, China
  • Ideal, noviembre 2010, España
  • Qué!, octubre de 2010, España
  • Crónica, septiembre 2010, España
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  • Levante de Castellón, julio 2000, España
  • El Mundo, julio 2000, España
  • Periódico Mediterráneo, febrero 2000, España
  • Yunke - Dominical del Periódico
  • Yunke - Periódico de Levante
  • Yunke - Qianjiang Evening News 2010
  • Yunke - Ideal 2010
  • Yunke - Qué! 2010
  • Yunke - Crónica 2010
  • Yunke - ABC 2010
  • Yunke - La Crónica 2009
  • Yunke - Periódico Mediterráneo 2009
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  • Yunke - Insular 2001
  • Yunke - Ideal 2001
  • Yunke - La Tribune Le progrès 2001
  • Yunke - Periódico Mediterráneo 2000
  • Yunke - Revista Magie 2000
  • Yunke - Levante de Castellón 2000
  • Yunke - El Mundo 2000
  • Yunke - Periódico Mediterráneo 2000



Due to the high quality of his performances as well as his gift of understanding the projects he takes part in, Yunke enjoys a great reputation among show business professionals. From the flight of a bat to the appearance of a car, special effects for the movies, theatre or TV, or for any event that calls for a high dose of spectacularity, Yunke is the key. He provides ideas, creates new illusions or special effects, or makes a live appearance. His credits include a levitation system for the Dracula theater play, and various resources for the program "El hormiguero" on Spanish national TV.


Yunke also performs at events that require a certain notoriety through a high dose of spectacularity. These include brand presentations, launching of new products, or awards to distinguished citizens. Any illusion can become a reality. Anything you can imagine is possible through the magic of Yunke.
  • Màgia x Açí
  • Cadena ser
  • Repsol
  • Periódico Mediterraneo
  • Valencia C.F
  • Bosch
  • Unión de mutuas
  • General Óptica
  • Roca
  • Junkers
  • Fagor
  • Banco gallego
  • Caja de Segovia
  • Freixenet
  • IFA
  • DAF
  • Forum
  • Canon
  • BMW
  • Fadesa
  • Marina D’Or
  • Man
  • Iveco
  • Pullmantur
  • Saunier Duval
  • Sony Ericsson
  • Peugeot
  • Amena
  • Viajes Mediterráneo
  • Estrella Galicia
  • Vodafone
  • Heineken


Esferatum is the creative laboratory of Yunke located in a small Mediterranean town. It is the place where any idea is made, any illusion, original and personalized magic. In Esferatum we have a creation and experimentation workshop, a stage where you can rehearse all the creations, a museum space where you can find pieces of collecting and a large warehouse with a whole life devoted to the investigation of magic. Yunke has a team of professionals and regular collaborators who give life to all their creations, from the beginning of the idea to the start of production. Musicians, specialized technicians, actors, acrobats, fashion designers, scenography and props, among others. Any idea is possible to realize you just have to want it to make your dream come true.

Equipo de Yunke

  • Scene Assistant: Elena Vicent Martínez
  • Sound and lighting technician: Manuel Seglar Gómez
  • Maker of illusions: Eduardo Escribano Sánchez
  • Creator of illusions and inventions: Yunke

Yunke - Esferatum


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Imagine an incredible
situation, an unexplainable
vision: That’s where Yunke
comes into play